The History
of Establishment of the APTA

  1. Background
  2. Idea
  3. Purpose
  4. Establishment



Traditionalnotion of borders has faded and globalization influences our daily lives. International cooperation is inevitable.

Transnational Crime

There are hidden threats of transnational crime behind the globalization. KNPU thought over the methods to overcome these threats.


Hope found in Next Generation

KNPU thought the friendship among students of each country would be the solution th deal with the rising threats.

Police Academy Student Festival in Asia (PASFA)

A new way was found to make the police officers from various countries establish cross-border cooperation.

… If one guy from Thailand can create a big wave of change to his academy because of PASFA, What would happen if 1,000 join it? …


To provide students and members with golden opportunity

- The opening up of new opportunities to share knowledge regularly

- Multi-lateral platforms for academic exchange among member institutions.


Idea & Brainstorming

KNPU started planning the proccess right after PASFA to materialize the floating idea to create an Association of Police Training institutions in Asia (APTA).

Basic Planning & Official Invitation

KNPU developed basic concepts and a plan for preparation process. APTA concept was officially proposed at ASEANAPOL Police Training Cooperation Meeting in November 2016.


Promotion & Registration

Registration was completed in January 2017 with various promotion methods, Resulting in representation of 21 institutions from 14 coumtries.

Detailed Planning & Various Preparation

KNPU developed detailed and exhaustive plans for successful inauguration of APTA to enable sincere discussion on our future in a friendly atmosphere.


Inauguration and Beyond

- Inauguration Meethng in Feb. 2017
(KNPU, Republic of Korea)

- The 2nd General Assembly in Oct. 2017
(KNPU, Republice of Korea)

- The 3rd General Assembly in Sep. 2018
(RPCA, Thailand)

- The 4th General Assembly in Oct. 2019
(PPSC, the Philippines)

Formation of Diverse Realationship

a variety of Police Training Institutions (PTI) joined APTA

- 27 institutions from 15 countries
(as of Sep. 2020)

Our efforts will be remembered as a new history.


Shared Growth through cooperation

Reciprocity and Partnership


The Association of Police Training Institutions in Asia