The 4th General Assembly Annual Meeting (GAAM) of the Association of Police Training Institutions in Asia (APTA) was held and hosted by Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) at PNP Crime Laboratory, Quezon City, the Philippines on the 15th October 2019.

At the meeting, 14 institutions from 8 countries attended, and a new Vice President was elected unanimously; the President of the University of Malaya was appointed to the post. At the same time, the President of Korean National Police University (President of the APTA) and the President of the PPSC (the other Vice President of the APTA) were reappointed to the respective posts for a consecutive term. 

In addition, the following five institutions from three countries became member institutions of the association:

1. Central Police Academy, Republic of Korea (host of 5th GAAM)

2. Philippine National Police Academy, the Philippines

3. Philippine National Police Training Service, the Philippines

4. National Police Academy, Sri Lanka 

5. Police College, Sri Lanka

Also, an academic seminar under the theme of “Cooperation in Development of Police Training and Research for Safer World” was followed in the National Police College, Cavite, Philippines, the next day.


The Association of Police Training Institutions in Asia